Elemental magick comprises of spells which use the power of the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit. There are many spells that are worked using these powers. Here are some examples of simple magick that beginners can attempt:

Elemental spirits of fire are known as salamanders. These are not to be confused with the species of lizards by the same name. Salamanders, which are spirits, are not easily controlled. The fragrance of ambra, the scent of Ambergris, is knows to attract the lure the fire elementals. They are also known to like the aroma of tobacco. To do a simple Fire spell, just use a lit cigar or cigarette as incense while you call the fire spirits to help you with any desires.

Later, when you get really good at spell working, try more difficult spells such as moving a flame or putting it out using only the power of your mind.

Elemental spirits of the air are known as Sylphs. They are believed to be very volatile by nature and not easily placated. To perform an Air spell, get a ritual broom (or make a broom using natural tree branches instead). Toss the broom upwards in the air while chanting your desires aloud.

Another Earth elemental
spell involves writing down your desires on paper or a leaf and blowing it into the air while visualizing them coming true.

Elemental water spirits are known as Undines. They are believed to be sort of a water fairy of a nymph and some people believe that they look like mermaids. For a simple spell, get an anachitis gemstone in your hand to summon these elementals. Get another stone synochitis to keep them under control. Once they have completed your mission, thank them and ask them to leave in peace.

If you prefer to communicate with the water spirits in your sleep, just place the Anachitis and Synochitis crystals on the altar and sleep in the same room. At night, the Undines will appear and communicate with you through your dreams. As soon as you wake up, write down everything you remember about your dreams.

Elemental Earth spirits are found in anything that is grown on Earth. Herbs are an example of power bearing Earth resources. Use green herbs to attract money into your life. Grow plants such as basil and mint in your homes to invoke the power of the Earth. Use only nature made items in your home to celebrate a "down to Earth" attitude and lifestyle. Learn to grow your own vegetables or fruits and see how the Earth feeds you and keeps you healthy.