Have you ever spent the night in a haunted house? Laid anxiously in your bed listening to the wind outside the windows and the creaking of the floorboards as you wait for the appearance of something you’ve been told all your life only existed in fairy tales? If you love a good ghost story you’re going to love paying a visit to:
The Top Three Haunted Locations in Ireland

Haunted Location #1:
Ireland has a long and bloody history of war and revolution, and because of that places like Leap Castle are swamped with the spirits of the past. Leap Castle, or “Leim ui Bhanain” (Leap of the O’Bannons) was built in the 14th or 15th century to guard the pass leading from Slieve Bloom into Munster. The keep was virtually impenetrable, turning away attackers again and again throughout the century.

Leap Castle is reputed to be Ireland’s most haunted castle, occupied by a powerful elemental. (A spirit of one of the four elements, an exclusive brotherhood which includes sylphs, undines, gnomes and salamanders.) In 1532 a fierce rivalry for clan leadership broke out among the O’Carrolls. Two brothers set on a path that would eventually lead to the castle’s haunting. One of the brothers, a priest by trade, was holding mass when his brother burst into the chapel and slaughtered him with a sword. The priest died on the altar, and his blood and the heinous act of brother killing brother spawned a misery that still lingers in the castle to this day.

Haunted Location #2:
Nothing haunts a place like the spirit of a child, and the list of top three haunted locations in Ireland wouldn’t be complete without including the infant ghost of the Commodore Hotel. Guests of the hotel swear that they can hear the wailing of an infant whose body was discovered in a cupboard in the hotel’s upper rooms. The identity of the baby has never been discovered, but the hotel remains a haunted “hot spot” for the ghost hunters of Ireland.


Haunted Location #3:
12 Tullow Street, Carlow is home to Scragg’s Alley Pub and the Backdoor Restaurant and the third most haunted location in Ireland. Most ghost sightings tend to be coincidental, and there are many who doubt or even try to explain away these mysterious happenings. No one can even try with Scragg’s Alley! Patrons of the bar have seen on many occasions seen ghosts haunting the front bar and the third floor, and those that haven’t been seen have been known to take the furniture for a quick turn around the floor from time to time. 

When you visit any of these top three haunted locations in Ireland you’re going to be forced to set aside your beliefs and your skepticism and open yourself up to the supernatural, the chance that what you’ve been told about ghosts and spirits throughout the years might not be everything there is to know, and the fact that things are not always as they appear.