Cathedral Park

In 1949, 15 year-old Thelma Taylor was abducted at a bus stop by a drifter named Morris and taken under the St. Johns Bridge in an area known at Cathedral Park.  There she was bound and raped and held for a week before dying.  Morris was eventually caught and executed for her death but Thelma’s suffering didn’t end there.

 For many years screams could be heard late at night in the area and police were sent many times to check on the area only to find no one there.  Police have not been called out to that area for over five years now, but the eerie silence speaks volumes.  Some feel paranormal activity still lurks under and around the bridge.  Many attribute it to the fact that Portland, as a city with many bridges, has experienced a number of suicides over the years and the lost souls are still looking for peace.

Cathedral Park is located at N. Edison Street and Pittsburgh Avenue in Portland.

Cathedral Park and the Arches of the St. Johns Bridge.