The belief in shadow people, also called shadow men or shadow beings, comes from the Native American tradition. These creatures are much like apparitions, but are said to be more like shadows – hence the name. They are dark forms on your peripheral vision that disappear when you notice them. Unlike ghosts, shadow people are not said to resemble humans, wearing clothing or doing human-like things.


In fact, shadow people are usually more menacing than ghosts. People who see shadow people sometimes report that they are followed or even chased by these creatures. In rare instances, shadow people have been known to attack humans. Almost always, seeing a shadow person makes the witness feel a sense of dread or horror.


Most people describe shadow people has being silhouettes with no indefinable features. Some people report seeing eyes, usually red, and shadow people are often described as being made of smoke or mist. Most people that shadow people are a kind of evil ghost or demon, but some also believe that they are alien. In the vast majority of cases, shadow people are said to be cloaked or wearing a hat.


Although science explains shadow people as an optical illusion on the peripheral vision, there is also evidence to corroborate their existence. You can use thermal cameras, electromagnetic frequencies or EVP evidence to heighten your sensing of shadow people. Shadow people, like all paranormal beings, cannot be proven, but at the same time, there is a ton of evidence that suggest they are real.