In the paranormal world, apparitions and other creatures can appear in many forms. These spirits are not always human-like ghosts that we see in movies. Sometimes they appear in more abstract forms. Some of the most common paranormal appearances are with orbs and mist.


Orbs are balls, usually glowing balls of light that float above the ground. They may or may not be accompanied by any other kind of spirit. Orbs are often caught not face to face, but rather in photographs. There is a scientific explanation to some orbs – they can be discounted as paranormal and are simply a result of dust, rain, or other dirt on the lens of the camera or on the film. However, not all orbs can be explained. Orbs are commonly photographed at places of high energy.


You might also experience the paranormal through mists. These are also often caught on camera. Some mist can be explained as normal, since natural air vapors that cannot be seen by the naked eye can sometimes show up on film. It is also possible for someone out of the frame to be smoking or breathing during the cold night, which could cause a look of mist. However, many paranormal experts believe that mist is a remnant of ectoplasm. Put simple, ectoplasm is the “energy” of the spirit.


Are photographic orbs and mists really paranormal? That can be debated from both sides of the argument, but the fact remains that paranormal evidence cannot be disproved any more easily than it can be proved.